Storage Room Hostel Sex

Storage Room Hostel Sex
Storage Room Hostel Sex

Storage Room Hostel Sex.
My friend Kate has been managing hostels for years.  I asked her for her best story.  She told me this:

“There were three girls lined up at the reception desk to check-in.  I can not remember what time it was, but people had not checked-out of the rooms from the night before yet, so I guess it was before 11:00am.  Behind the three girls were three guys, and the three girls and the three guys kind of hit it off standing in the line-up.  I checked the girls in through registration, but because they could not get to the rooms yet, they had to put their things in storage until the rooms were cleaned.

“One of the girls went into town, one of the girls was responsible for putting all of their bags in the storage room, and one of the girls went off to do something else.  The three guys came to the counter and I registered them as well.  The same thing happened and one of the guys went into town, one of them was responsible for the bags of all three, and the other went off to do something else.  There was a line-up of people behind them to be registered and I was busy keeping up.  After some time, I realized that I did not know where the storage room key was.  I looked around, but I could not find it, so I got the master key and went to the storage room.

“I put my key in the door to open it, and as I did, the girl from the group of three was laying on the table and the guy was standing there having sex with her.  He did not even stop pumping when he saw me.  He just kept on going and as he was, he said to me, “Umm, I’m just looking for, umm, my, umm, lock.”  I said, “Yea…okay, but I need the key back,” and I took it from the table.  I left them and closed the door behind me.  Then I made a huge mistake of telling the staff what was happening in the storage room.  We have security cameras in there, and no one ever pays attention to them, but the entire staff was gathered around it, watching what was going on in that room….”

Now, I am impressed by this, but what I am most impressed by is the guy in the story.  I sort of know what that situation is like.  And you know for sure that he was the one who made the first move.  This is for sure something that happened because a guy’s move.  I have been in situations where crazy things happen at crazy times during the day.  And you can feel chemistry.  And you can feel when someone likes you.  But you have no party around you to use.  There is no alcohol for fuel or an excuse.  It is just the bare bones of humanity and your instincts.  When you are in a circumstance such as this, and you can feel something in the air, but you question your instincts.  Why?… because it is the recipe for terrible embarrassment.  What if you read the energy wrong?  What is you have over-assumed the feeling in the air.  However, I am impressed by this guy.  The fact that he felt it and trusted his instincts enough that he made a ballsy 11-in-the-morning completely-sober move on a girl in the storage-room-of-a-hostel…  He went for it.  Hostel sex.  Wow…  That is the man of the year…

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