Mendoza: Do the Do

Mendoza: Do the Do
What a sign!

Mendoza: Do the Do.
April 15.

I woke up in a seat on the bus when we were two hours outside of Mendoza.  The land here looks a little like the outback of Australia except the earth is not red.  This is sort of miles and miles in all directions of vast nothingness and only bushes and shrubs for vegetation.  There is an odd shack here and there, but there is nothing for people to live on here, so there is no population.

We arrived in Mendoza and went for a walk around town where I was offered grass from a guy in a park.  It has been a while since that happened.  I do not miss it.  Maybe it is because I was wearing a cowboy hat.  Do cowboy hats attract drugs?  or, do I look like a rich American who is, “Like totally on a party on South America man.”

I needed an adventure so I decided to get my hair chemically straightened.  My confidence is down, so I needed a change and I was about to cut my hair off, so I decided to spent $50 on an adventure.  Hairdressers have a tough gig.  Dealing with chemicals all day that burn your eyes.  That sucks.  I could not even read at times because my eyes were watering too much.  And this girl has to deal with that all day.  That must be terribly unhealthy.

I came back to the Mendoza hostel and Irmante flipped out and could not look at me for a while.  And when she did it was to laugh at me.  She told me, “You look different,” and then she told me, “You look like you are wearing a wig.”  But, we have leveled off and now she thinks I am cool again.  I feel like a rockstar!

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