Whitewater Rafting the Nile with Nalubale

  • IMG_6159
    Flat waters of the River Nile.
  • IMG_6164
    Heading out into the water.
  • IMG_6167
    Safety briefing. Save your friend!
  • IMG_6172
    So much fun!
  • IMG_6179
    Here we come...
  • IMG_6184
    Yeah, really fun!
  • IMG_6196
    Watchful eyes.
  • IMG_6204
    Wildlife is never far on the Nile.
  • IMG_6211
    Paddle air-guitar.
  • IMG_6217
    Yeah, I see you!
  • IMG_6219
  • IMG_6223
    What a ride.
  • IMG_6231
    Local fishing boat.
  • IMG_6235
    Class 6 Rapids in the background, behind the goat and the farmer.
  • IMG_6236
    Life on the River Nile.
  • IMG_6250
    Oh those waters.
  • IMG_6252
  • IMG_6262
    "Get down and hang on!"
  • IMG_6265
  • IMG_6278
    Not a bad spot for a lunch.
  • IMG_6280
    Fancy stools.
  • IMG_6295
    Rapid rapids.
  • IMG_6301
    The crew.
  • IMG_6306
    Rafting gang.
  • IMG_6317
    See you later Maria!
  • P1200994
    Nalubale Rafting headquarters and hostel.
  • P1200995
  • P1200996
    Air vessels of fun!

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