Visit Victoria Falls Zambia: Anti-Rain Going Up

  • P1220435
    They just look like pure chaos.
  • P1220437
  • P1220441
    My first sight of them, about 160 years after David Livingstone first did.
  • P1220444
    That might be a look of shame.
  • P1220446
    This is the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. It has characted.
  • P1220447
    The falls in the background.
  • P1220448
    Zambezi River.
  • P1220450
    Young characters.
  • P1220455
    The Friendship Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • P1220458
    Panorama photos never really work out do they...?
  • P1220459
    Zambezi River and the falls somewhere behind the mist.
  • P1220466
    Victoria Falls.
  • P1220468
    The 40 meter Knife Edge Bridge.
  • P1220470
    The tears of a river.
  • P1220477
    It was hard to sneak these photos for the moisture in the air.
  • P1220480
    The Victoria Falls are about 1.5 kilometers, or 1 mile.
  • P1220481
    That is a lot of volume of water....
  • P1220483
    It is pretty.
  • P1220484
    Mischievous baboons.
  • P1220485
    Zambezi River.
  • P1220487
    Even the river is beautiful.
  • P1220489
    1L Coke bottles. It has been a couple of decades since I have seen those.

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