Victoria Falls: Zambezi Horse Trails

  • P1220655
    Following Reason.
  • Victoria Falls: Zambezi Horse Trails
    Flora and I enjoyed the warthogs.
  • P1220663
  • P1220666
    Those marks on the tree are from elephant tusk-rubbing.
  • P1220670
    The Zambezi River.
  • P1220674
    That mist in the air, accompanied by a constant gentle roar, it the Victoria Falls.
  • P1220675
    Flora taking note of a kudu.
  • P1220608
    On the gazebo at Zambezi Horse Trails.
  • P1220616
    Southern impalas.
  • P1220617
    This destroyed tree is elephant destruction. Elephants often break trees as they are bringing the tops down for younger elephants who can not reach the tops.
  • P1220619
    Moving through the Zambezi National Park.
  • P1220624
    Flora and I having a look at the warthogs.
  • P1220627
    Reason on the left, as I try to get Flora to look up for the camera. She was far more interested in grass than posing.
  • Victoria Falls: Zambezi Horse Trails
    The full grown male giraffe having a look at Flora and I.
  • P1220637
    Flora and I having a look at a full grown male giraffe.
  • P1220650
    A kudu. This antelope breed can grow up to 320 kilograms.

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