Victoria Falls Gorge Swing: Wild Horizons Adventures

  • P1220685
    Wild Horizons.
  • Victoria Falls Gorge Swing:  Wild Horizons Adventures
    Wild Horizons/Prison number.
  • P1220696
    Getting tied up to the Flying Fox.
  • P1220700
    "So, what you are going to do is run as fast as you can off of this..."
  • P1220701
    Beaverman attempting to be Superman.
  • P1220702
    Yea, it is high!
  • P1220708
    Uh huh, that was fun!
  • P1220709
    The scenery... (whistles).
  • P1220713
    This is Anderson. The hardest working man on the job. He brought me back by pulling in this 200 meters of rope. He was sweaty.
  • P1220715
  • P1220716
    The Zip-Line!
  • P1220717
    Zip-Line platform edge. Yea, down there....
  • P1220718
    The Zip-Line cable I would be riding.
  • P1220722
  • P1220723
    Across here. Look at that view from half way across the gorge.
  • P1220725
    It is better up here.
  • P1220727
    The Zambezi River.
  • P1220730
    Anderson, my savior.
  • P1220732
    Dead crocodile, or tired crocodile having a nap, tired from hunting all night.
  • P1220737
    Victoria Falls to the left!
  • P1220745
    The Gorge Swing.
  • P1220749
    The rope...
  • P1220751
    Am I ready? I am not sure... But...!
  • P1220755
    Here goes!
  • P1220756
    70 meter free fall. Whoa!
  • P1220760
    Speeds of up to 110 km/h!
  • P1220764
    I know it felt fast. My stomach still seemed to be on the platform.
  • P1220790
    See that little dot? Yea, that is me swinging across the Zambezi River.
  • P1220797
    Walking back up the cliff. Yea, that was fun!
  • P1220801
    Look mom, no hands!

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