Ukerewe Boat Mwanza Ferry Gone: Demeanors

  • P1190214
    Locals paddling to the ferry to sell fish they had caught to the passengers.
  • P1190226
    Checkers was fun!
  • P1190228
    Playing checkers with the locals on the boat.
  • P1190231
    Rival ferry boat race...
  • P1190232
    No matter what happens in this existence, you never want to come back and end up as a chicken in a bag.
  • P1190233
    Mwanza aka Rock City.
  • P1190234
    Wenje and his friends. Wenje is the one wearing the hat.
  • P1190237
    Engine room of the Serengeti boat.
  • P1190246
    My temporary name.
  • P1190247
    My sleeping quarters.
  • P1190249
    Guest mess-hall on the ship.
  • P1190250
    Ferry and supplies.
  • P1190253
    Arriving in Bukoba at 06:40.
  • P1190255
    Lake Victoria beach at Bukoba.

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1 Response

  1. Paschal Phares says:

    Hi there!

    First I would like to introduce myself to you! This is Paschal Phares on Ukerewe Island, Mwanza Tanzania. I was born here and I am a true kerewe man. I live on tourism as a local tour guide on the island. I work under One Way Tours& Safari LTD, a tour and safari company in Tanzania. I also have my online tour information on Safari Junkie(, an online travel blog focused on Africa.

    Now my point! Sorry to hear that Consolatha was not open to help you to explore Ukara Island, and that she did not like to go around with you on pikipiki(motobike) that later you decided to go back to Mwanza, something which was not in your mind at the time. But i am happy that you made some friends in Mwanza, who looked to restore your happiness although not all.

    Also, I would like to take this time to welcome you again to Ukerewe.
    Thank you. Paschal!

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