Touring the Pyramids of Egypt

  • 1310955
    The desert beyond Giza.
  • 1310956
    My first approach.
  • 1310958
    Camel having a roll after I got off of him.
  • 1310961
    How to feel inferior.
  • 1310968
    Just a guy trying to be cool.
  • 1310972
    Walking along the pyramids. The rocks laying around are those that have fallen after from the mortar that once made them smooth.
  • 1310978
    The Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • 1310979
    The Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • 1310981
    Moulds for ships. Now I am not certain of things, but according to my guide, this is where he seemed to think the ships for carrying the rocks for the pyramids were built.
  • 1310988
    A small temple and Camel waiting around for me to yell "Harg!" to him to get up and carry me off.
  • 1310989
    Khafre Pyramid. See how the top still has the original covering to show how the pyramids originally looked.
  • 1310993
    Side Spinx shot!
  • 1310995
    Oh, just a photo of the Sphinx, Giza and Khafre pyramids.
  • 1310998
    The Spyinx. The body of a lion for courage, the head of a man for wisdom, and the face of a woman for beauty.
  • 1320001
    Ummm, yea, that is pretty freaking cool!
  • 1320006
    An open tomb. So strange to see in real life... I am not sure if we should be doing that...
  • 1320007
    ♫ Hieroglyphics, let me be specific. ♫
  • 1320011
    A temple ceiling. Five point stars, for 5,000 years. Incredible.
  • 1320013
    The entrances of the tombs were designed very low so that you would be in a bowing position the entire time you enter. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
  • 1320025
    Look at the detail in that work. The detail in the hair alone...
  • 1320028
    Tomb entrance. They say that they can not un-earth this pyramid for fear of it crumbling.
  • 1320039
    Djoser's Step Pyramid is the first structure made from limestone.
  • 1320041
    Djoser's Step Pyramid. It is believed that it was created around 2700 BC.
  • 1320044
    Drinking beer and cruising around Cairo!
  • 1310941
    My first view of Giza to the right and Khafre to the left. Khafre is the second largest pyramid, built by the son of the emperor who built Giza. With respect to his father, the second pyramid was built smaller, however the son built his on higher ground....
  • 1310948
    Camel and I.
  • 1310952
    Majestic.... And amazing to see with a person's own eyes.
  • 1320014
    Hieroglyphics and a small fraction of the story of Egypt. This story was one of hundreds that wrapped around a building.
  • 1310939
    The Great Pyramid of Giza. In the foreground is a workers cemetery.

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    Wow, am I jealous of this trip! I hope to see those pyramids some day as well!

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