The Road to Bulawayo: Hitting a Goat

  • P1220606
    I ate this worm. My first non-tequila based worm. I saw one on the walk to the supermarket and then they were for sale in the delicatessen of the supermarket. He tasted like the chilies he had apparently been cooked in.
  • P1220678
    Party in the hostel two nights ago.
  • P1220682
    Boot repair to save a dancer.
  • P1220689
    Yea, very cool.
  • P1220690
  • P1220694
    Fantastic art.
  • P1220805
    A hot dog.
  • P1220808
    This man, so talented. He sat at the hostel every night and just drew incredible images from photos in his hand.
  • P1220812
    You know you are a long ways from home when you see a roadsign like this...
  • IMG_20160314_002710
    I just like voice that actually says, 'I can not believe how stupid you people are and that I actually have to make this sign.'
  • IMG_20160314_093431
    Wow, some things in life are just so perfect. Jamy really nails it right here...
  • IMG_20160314_170217
    Wow, I can relate this this.
  • IMG_20160314_103931
    Don't do it! Don't ever quite!...
  • P1220598
    The very dirty Zimbabwean USD currency, and a fresh $2. Most of the $2's do not look like this. I kept this one!
  • P1220599
    This Korean guy at the hostel.... His friend told me, "He loves dogs." I had managed to figure that out on my own...

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