Tequila Distillery Tour in Tequila, Mexico

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    Big Tequila chair!
  • p1300645
    Tequila buses. Awesome!
  • p1300649
    Agave fiber being trucked away.
  • p1300651
    The ivy is nice. And the worker in the hard hat is a nice image.
  • p1300654
    Roasting agave.
  • p1300655
    Agave hearts...the foundation of tequila.
  • p1300659
    After it has been roasted, agave is quite sweet.
  • p1300661
    Agave fiber after the forth press.
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  • p1300663
    A neatly stacked pile of blackout.
  • p1300665
    Making friends.
  • p1300668
    Who is buying this shit? Who is the, "Honey, I just have to have this bottle of Rolling Stones tequila!" guy? I love the Stones, but this is silly.
  • p1300670
    I would have liked to have mailed a bottle of this to a friend at home, but boxing and customs seemed to be a headache.
  • p1300671
    Fancy Christmas tree of danger.
  • p1300673
    A lot of effort.
  • p1300675
    I was trying to emulate being captured here, but I was unsuccessful...
  • p1300677
    Drunk Irmante is ridiculous!
  • p1300678
    Drunk Irmante is great!
  • p1300682
    Agave hearts are heavy!
  • p1300687
    Trimming agave leaves with a crazily sharp gardening tool.
  • p1300695
    Tequila miner.
  • p1300699
    Painted at the Sauza distillery.
  • p1300702
    Sauza tequila distillery.
  • p1300704
    Agave biker!
  • p1300713
    Fields of agave cover the landscape around Tequila.
  • p1300694
    Sauza Distillery.

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  1. Jennifer Burton says:

    ha, tequila

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