Sossusvlei Sand Dunes National Park

  • P1250528
    Good morning!
  • P1250531
    The colors.
  • P1250534
    The grey and red swirl.
  • P1250535
    I just really love the two-tone sand.
  • P1250536
    Welcome to the oldest sand dunes in the world
  • P1250541
    Dune 45. People-ants in a row.
  • P1250549
    Climbing Dune 45.
  • P1250550
    The contrast.
  • P1250553
    Dune 45.
  • P1250561
    Trying to be cool on Dune 45.
  • P1250563
    'Lets go down here!'
  • P1250564
    It does not look like much with a camera, but this dune must be 100 meters tall. See the specks of my friends at the top?
  • P1250568
    'Um, you can grow here tree, but I will probably engulf you some day.'
  • P1250569
    Dune 45, after the crowds.
  • P1250575
    Deadvlei = Dead Valley.
  • P1250578
    My crew.
  • P1250581
    Deadvlei pan.
  • P1250584
    It looks pretty hostile. The red hot (but not red-hot) sand around it sure is.
  • P1250585
    Just trying to find an applicable pose.
  • P1250587
    Deadvlei dude.
  • P1250589
    Human hauler.
  • P1250592
    A beer in a tree.
  • P1250595
    This oryx had been in a fight with another in front of the park gate. They both had punctures as they tried to kill each other. See the puncture on his shoulder?
  • P1250597
    My home for the night at Willam's government house.

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