Solitaire: The Car Accident

  • P1250490
    Namibia about 50 kilometers form Walvis Bay.
  • P1250493
    The sole green tree on the barren land.
  • P1250494
    I just can not get over the lay of the land and the layers of the land here.
  • P1250496
    The colors of the rock...
  • P1250497
    A damarakoraan (sp?). Also called a 'Flying Frog' because of the sound it makes. JP called got its attention with his version of a female mating call.
  • P1250499
    Hey, I have been here before, in Australia. It now surprised me that Africa goes that far south or Australia goes that far north, or both.
  • P1250501
    Tropic of Capricorn, Beaver stickered!
  • P1250505
    The Namib Desert after the Kuiseb pass.
  • P1250509
    Beautiful colors.
  • P1250510
    'Oh oh...' I actually snapped this photo on the fly as we were rushing to the scene.
  • P1250515
    The irony. I found this smiley face laying just like this in the wheel in the aftermath of the accident.
  • P1250519
    Alejandro, looking at the scene, and wondering what had happened.
  • P1250521
    Finally. Ninety minutes later. It sure is lucky their injuries were not worse.
  • P1250526
    The whole scene.

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