Skeleton Coast National Park – Lions and Testing Idiocy

  • P1250092
    This Coca-Cola sign in this place in the middle of nowhere...!
  • P1250100
    A baboon family ran across the road in front of the car.
  • P1250101
    I went in to talk to them to ask what they do at the Torro Conservancy office. They said some of the ways they make money is by 'Trophy Hunting' and 'Shoot and Sell.' I left the office after that.
  • P1250102
    "Crafts, precious rocks, skulls, horns... We have got it all!"
  • P1250106
    Torra Bay.
  • P1250112
    Torra Bay conditions and landscape.
  • P1250114
    The road through Skeleton Coast.
  • P1250117
    The desert to the ocean.
  • P1250120
    Small salt-pond. It looks like ice, but it is 35 degrees outside.
  • P1250125
    There are many dead seals on the coast.
  • P1250126
    My VW Polo home.
  • P1250128
  • P1250130
    It seems like someone painted this.
  • P1250135
    She did not have a lot of luck, but she seemed to love it.
  • P1250136
    A rough coastline.
  • P1250139
    I had reached the top.
  • P1250144
    Housing in the desert at Terrace Bay.
  • P1250147
    I just try to imagine arriving here by ship and then thinking, 'Now what?'
  • P1250149
    Idiot test #1.
  • P1250152
    Idiot test #2.
  • P1250153
  • P1250154
    The dune I was walking to when the lion tracks made me flee in crazy fear.
  • P1250171
    Oryx. Nice colors buddy!
  • P1250180
    Setting sun shades...
  • P1250185
    'Hey, this is our territory VW Polo guy!'
  • P1250190
    I drove through a gate and pulled into this fuel station. No one came to meet me. I went into the building and it turned out that I was in police station. 10 cops stared at me in wonder at what I was doing there.
  • P1250192
    I am going to call this, "Pork Mustache' warning.
  • P1250194
    It is so cool to see road-signs like this!

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2 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    You clearly have not dealt with the kids back home they can’t do math in their heads either. I went to Starbucks had a $17.37 bill and the girl gave me $1.63 back when I told her (and showed her) that she had given me the wrong change she look confused and had to get a calculator to confirm that she did indeed owe me another loonie.
    I feel for you with the car stuck in the sand, we were visiting the Ocean Park and I did the same thing realizing about a tenth of a second too late that driving in the soft sand was a mistake.
    Take care and don’t get eaten by a lion, we are looking forward to a beer in London!

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