Skeleton Coast National Park – Shipwreck and Oil Rig

  • P1250004
    The Skeleton Coast landscape.
  • P1250005
    Selling salt rocks with the honor system.
  • P1250013
    Skeleton Coast National Park Ugabmund Gate.
  • P1250016
    Character sign.
  • P1250039
    South West Seal engine.
  • P1250046
    The South West Seal (1976).
  • P1250053
    Seal rib-cage in front of the South West Seal rib-cage.
  • P1250058
    Skeleton Coast sandstorm across the road.
  • P1250059
    Old Oil Rig.
  • P1250061
    The rig platform.
  • P1250062
    There she lays to be taken back by the elements.
  • P1250066
    Metal erosion. This air compressor probably does not work well today.
  • P1250068
    Old Oil Rig staircase, pretty dangerous to climb.
  • P1250071
    Salt hates metal!
  • P1250074
  • P1250078
    I love how everything is weather worn here.
  • P1250081
    A good part of the road.
  • P1250082
    The colors of the land...
  • P1250084
    Beautiful desolation.
  • P1250086
    Skeleton Coast desert.

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