Siavonga: Gifts I Seemed to Need From a Lake Kariba Village

  • P1220244
    This being Africa makes me guess that this is probably an empty building.
  • P1220247
    The view from my guesthouse.
  • P1220251
    My crocodile bread baking friend.
  • P1220252
    My new bakery friends. They asked to pose for a photo. This made me smile.
  • P1220255
    A young beat maker!
  • P1220261
    Making beats in a local studio.
  • P1220270
    Playing the guitar by chording, and hitting the strings with a drumstick.
  • P1220276
    Check out that worm/millipede thing! He is nearly as long as my foot!
  • P1220278
    Locals eat this. It tastes like chalk. It is some kind of mineral, and you can feel your teeth breaking down the dirt inside.
  • P1220279
  • P1220283
    Seat Belt Backpack Clip Handiness!

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