Santuario Nacional del Angel de la Santa Muerte: Mexico City

  • img_20161215_151239210
    Interestingly made with USD...
  • img_20161215_145858909
    Santa Muerte figurines for sale.
  • img_20161215_145939537
    Dark. But maybe we are just brainwashed to think as such...
  • img_20161215_150112321
    I like the images of the skulls in blending in with the images painted.
  • img_20161215_150121329
    Really interesting. Notice the human hair offering.
  • img_20161215_150136293
    Santa Muerte, is there, waiting for you behind the fern!
  • img_20161215_150155931
    The candles were covered in images of Santa Muerte.
  • img_20161215_150242176
    That is quite a flag.
  • img_20161215_150337334
    Offerings of food.
  • img_20161215_150344359
    Santa Muerte.
  • img_20161215_150353702
    The imagery is so strong.
  • img_20161215_150359218
    I have never come across an altar like this before.
  • img_20161215_150444967
    Santa Muerte in different forms.
  • img_20161215_150539592
    That would be a coffee cup for discussion at the office.
  • img_20161215_150636568
    It is hard to get a photo that represents the power of the actual statues.

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2 Responses

  1. Osvald Parish says:

    That is real spooky.

  1. October 25, 2017

    Thank you very much for your blog.

    You write fun articles!

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