Sani Top to Oxbow: The Lesotho Time Machine

  • P1230509
    The sunrise colors sure make a bright day.
  • P1230517
    I like the outline of the land below the sunrise.
  • P1230520
    Lesotho is a 'hard working donkey' land.
  • P1230522
    Double crate of beer donkey!
  • P1230527
    Lesotho, fully traditional.
  • P1230531
    Mechanic-ing so that we can get on the road.
  • P1230532
    The next best truck driver in town. This boy made this himself. The steering wheel in the back actually turns the front wheels. The sounds of the truck came from his lips though...
  • P1230541
    Dropping off maize flour to some locals on the road. She made his pants. I wish I owned them.
  • P1230543
    Typical Lesotho landscape.
  • P1230537
    Yea, that is nice.
  • 1230544
    Drying laundry after washing it in the river.
  • 1230547
    A trunk full of meat.
  • 1230549
    Unloading bags of maize flour at a store.
  • 1230550
    I am a big fan of the plastic bags on the head to keep the flour out of the hair. I wanted to make the joke, "Do you know if they make those bags for men too?" but I knew it would be lost on them.
  • 1230552
    Carrying 80 kgs of maize flour on his head. That is 176 lbs!
  • 1230554
    Cookies and a package of Cheezies to toss to the kids on the side of the road.
  • 1230558
    A can of sniff snuff. That is a lot! Look at the size of the can in comparison to my phone. It would take years to get all of that up a nose!
  • 1230564
    The crumb of chalk that I was supplied with to play pool with my new friends in the bar.
  • P1230565
    A 'No Smoking' ashtray? That confuses me.
  • IMG_20160404_204801
    Lesotho, fully traditional.
  • IMG_20160403_214041
    I befriended her on my walk. And then she gave me this pose. This is her rondavel, including satellite dish accessory.

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