Drunk Diaries – Sani Top Lodge, The Highest Pub in Africa

  • P1230446
    These kids, the came running out to me, and as soon as I pulled out my camera they scattered!
  • P1230447
    Yeah, this is the inside of her rondavel. I had no idea that the insides of these places could ever be so nice.
  • P1230448
    I befriended her on my walk. And then she gave me this pose. This is her rondavel, including satellite dish accessory.
  • P1230449
    Mmmm. Chicken feet breakfast at this house!..
  • P1230452
    So awesome...
  • P1230453
    Herdsman I met while hiking.
  • P1230454
    Hiking this entire road because no one was driving on Easter Sunday.
  • P1230456
    A little of everything in a Lesotho village.
  • P1230458
    Right after the very drunk driver in the white truck clipped the mirror of our van.
  • P1230461
    The scenery of this country...
  • P1230462
    Whoa, it looks to contain wealth here...
  • P1230463
    When in the highest pub in Africa...
  • P1230469
    The view from Sani Mountain Lodge.
  • P1230473
    Local entertainment.
  • P1230475
    So, he is playing a bucket, attached to a handle with a wire strung on it, and the bow is a twig with string across it. Wow!
  • P1230479
  • P1230483
    Photo taken by the immigration officer who enjoyed how excited I was to be crossing a border with a beer in my hand.
  • P1230484
    The look of South Africa from Sani Pass.
  • P1230487
  • P1230490
    The Sani Pass road. It is supposedly one of the tightest hair-pin curved roads in the world.
  • P1230491
    I told the girls I was not up to any mischief, but they were in a hurry to get away anyhow.
  • P1230495
    The beautiful Lesotho range.
  • P1230498
    Those white dots are sheep being shepparded in for the evening.
  • P1230499
    Fingers of hills.
  • P1230504
    Lesotho immigration at Sani Pass.
  • P1230505
    Badass. I wish I was driving that thing, without having to be a soldier....
  • P1230506
    So good!
  • P1230507
    Quite an upgrade from a dorm bed. The perks of charm, getting smashed and travel journalism.

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