Rwanda to Uganda: From Gorillas to Potato Trucks

  • P1200706
    Leaving Rwanda.
  • P1200707
    Yea, go and see them. They are awesome!
  • P1200708
  • P1200710
    Lake Bunyonyi.
  • P1200711
    The guy closest to the camera is actually sitting in the driver's seat as well. There are four on them squeezed in there...
  • P1200712
    I helped the guy at the top push a long down a chute he had made to get it to his friend at the bottom.
  • P1200713
    My photo of the day. The cows, the boots, the cloak, the machete.
  • P1200714
    My potato truck taxi.
  • P1200716
    Lake Bunyonyi sunset.

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