Otjiwarongo to Walvis Bay: Hitchhiking a Train

  • P1230873
    Tosh and James at the Otjiwarongo station.
  • P1230877
    There is power in these!
  • P1230879
    Being dudes.
  • P1240001
    Look at that hair! Imagine the time commitment to make that.
  • P1240004
    Gerson and I.
  • P1240005
    Otjiwarongo station.
  • P1240009
    My travel vessel.
  • P1240010
    Locomotive control panel.
  • P1240013
    Driver Steve.
  • P1240017
    The line.
  • P1240020
    The 'do not cross' barrier for the driver to see. This is at a crossover and as long as we remained behind this line, there would be room for another train to pass in front of us onto the loop-line.
  • P1240023
    At the switch in the middle of the country.
  • P1240025
    See ya!
  • P1240027
    The changeover between the main-line and the loop-line.
  • P1240047
    Cow pusher.
  • P1240049
    Heading for a bridge.
  • P1240052
    Sunrise about to begin over a Namibian village.
  • P1240062
    I woke up to this. I love the colors of the lips on the dunes.
  • P1240066
    The Namibian desert.
  • P1240067
    The contrast....
  • P1240071
    Our shadow on the desert.
  • P1240077
    Temporary driver assistant.
  • P1240045
    Waiting for a crossover.
  • IMG_20160413_004148

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