Nungwi to Kedwa Zanzibar: Long Walks on the Beach

  • P1160003
    It is a little more exotic life for them then ours who endure -40 Celsius in the winter.
  • P1160004
    I like the contrast of the herd, the chair, the blue, and boats.
  • P1160011
    I do not stay here, but it would be nice some day.
  • P1160013
    Perhaps one day I will have finances for this kind of living.
  • P1160017
    Beach shacks.
  • P1160021
    I asked these two guys from Kenya in the boat how that waves were. We became friends after.
  • P1160022
    A hand powered drill. It is like a bow, and it only works on way, like a ratchet.
  • P1160024
    The locals really enjoyed my attempt.
  • P1160026
    Women and children, fishing in the ocean.
  • P1160031
    Young ones, swimming.

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