Moshi to Mbulu – Local Love Proposals and Chasing Tires with Sticks

  • P1180021
    Stuffed in the corner of a very crowded bus from Moshi to Arusha.
  • P1180022
    Loading the Landcruiser for our journey.
  • P1180032
    Massai tribe and their cattle at the water.
  • P1180033
    Now, that is what I would define as an African tree.
  • P1180035
    Massai tribe.
  • P1180039
    Look at those huts! Wow!
  • P1180062
    At this point, just before crossing, I really felt like I am in Africa.
  • P1180065
    Radiator troubles. I was his right-hand-man.
  • P1180067
    Kids having a blast.
  • P1180069
  • P1180071
    Along, rough, rutted, road.
  • P1180072
    My driver liked me so much he let me sticker his Landcruiser.
  • P1180070
    'A Hard Life'

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