Montevideo to Buenos Aires: No Sleep City

  • Montevideo, Uruguay
    Borrowing from today so that last night can be more fun.
  • Ferry
    Montevideo to Buenos Aires. Colonia to Buenos Aires ferry
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    So, we met our friend Zora and she took us to a Magic Party, which was in this club in Buenos Aires. This is the inside of the building. It had been many years since I had been inside a proper club. I had forgotten how beautiful the women are in a place like that. I talked to only one, and told her how beautiful she was, but she seemed to have heard that before many times.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    And when we bored of silly dancing, we went to this rock venue called, Mod. Here we met the people who run the rock scene in Buenos Aires. We went back to their house and partied until 8am. Really cool. The rock scene in Buenos Aires is just coming back after the pyrotechnics fire that set a rock venue on fire about 7 years ago that killed some 150 people. The scene died after that because the city made it impossible to get music permits. Our friends are responsible for making it happen again in this fine city.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    The rock bar Mod is where we met young Jon Bon Jovi.

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