Museum of Frida Kahlo: Mexico City

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    Something at this market smells.
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    Mexican innovation: "Señor, we need two showers." "Okay, then let's just put a petition in the middle of the bathtub. We'll put a shower head at each end, and a pallet to stand on so that no one has to stand in anyone else's shower water." "Bueno!"
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    Casa Azul, the home of Frida Kahlo.
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    The bedroom where Leon Trotsky and his wife stayed during their asylum in Mexico. This is also the room where Diego Rivera stayed at the end of his life. His typical bibbed overalls hang on the wall.
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    The kitchen of Frida and Diego. Their names are spelled in tiny cups that hang on the wall.
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    Frida's work-space after her leg was amputated due to gangrene.
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    Cool radio!
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    Part of a shrine for Frida, this is a demon riding a dragon!
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    Frida's prosthetic leg.
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    Casa Azul courtyard.
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    4 O'Clock photo!

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