Mbulu: Out to the Countryside

  • P1180079
    The countryside around Mbulu.
  • P1180080
    Red earth fields.
  • P1180083
    Red earth roads.
  • P1180086
    New friends.
  • P1180087
    Family photo and a great time to adjust your crotch.
  • P1180095
    Really nice people.
  • P1180097
    I like our genuine happiness at meeting.
  • P1180099
    This is when i took off my helmet. The family had never seen hair like that before. The father was pulling on it for fun.
  • P1180103
    One-bottom plow and oxen.
  • P1180107
    Thatched roof house.
  • P1180109
    I think these ash burn marks are beautiful.
  • P1180110
    My friend Paulo who has been in this house since 1978.
  • P1180112
    Paulo's crop of maize around his house.

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  1. Andrew Walgood. says:

    Your photos are remarkable…

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