Maun to Shakawe: Sleeping on a Taxi Drivers’ Floor

  • P1230858
    A casual giraffe on the side of the highway in Namibia.
  • P1230773
    Along the road in Botswana.
  • P1230781
    The battle to get on the bus in the villages.
  • P1230786
    Roadside relaxing.
  • P1230799
    Transport Botswana.
  • P1230800
    Dust storm in a village and in my mind.
  • P1230809
    The road as we drove through the dust storm.
  • P1230819
    My mattress and prepared dinner. Andy is a nice human!
  • P1230821
    Andy's house. His wife and kids are in another town, and this is the tight-ship of bed making he operates every day.
  • P1230835
    The kitchen in Andy's shack. His was basins, one of which he used as a tub.
  • IMG_20160410_004906
    Dust storm in the villages.

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