Matobo National Park and National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe

  • P1220894
    National Art Gallery exhibitions.
  • P1220897
    Have you ever seen cow-shit art before? No? Me neither.
  • P1220901
    Studio workshops at the National Art Gallery of Bulawayo.
  • P1220852
    Matobo National park
  • P1220856
    Look at those stacks of boulders.
  • P1220858
    It is beautiful in here.
  • P1220860
    This has to be a former lava flow.
  • P1220862
    Matobo landscape.
  • P1220863
    Flat and smooth rock mountains.
  • P1220864
    The is a huge rock overhanging an open area below.
  • P1220865
    Bushmen lived in the area 2,000 years ago and left incredible rock paintings.
  • P1220868
    It is fascinating to look at art from two centuries ago.
  • P1220869
    The peace and the solitude are wonderful.
  • P1220870
    The colors. So pretty.
  • P1220871
    It is really empty. We did not see another car in the park in the two hours we were there.
  • P1220874
    Strange rock formations.
  • P1220875
    Rocks stacked on rocks.
  • P1220878
    The fingernail of feminine pleasure.!
  • P1220884
    Impalas in Matobo National Park.
  • P1220886
    This natural formation rock-stack. It looks like a man riding a bird.
  • P1220889
    The Douslin House stairway.
  • P1220891
    From the veranda of the National Art Gallery.
  • P1220893
    Inside of the Douslin House.

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