Masaka to Kigali: Hotel des Mille Collines

  • P1200105
    Bag searchings crossing from Uganda to Rwanda.
  • P1200109
    Hotel des Mille Collines, famous for its then manager, Paul Rusesabagina, hosting and hiding Tutsi peoples from the Hutu’s during the 1994 genocide.
  • P1200112
    Hotel des Mille Collines is luxury.
  • P1200113
    Hotel Des Mille Collines reception.
  • P1200114
    Hotel des Mille Collines outside bar and terrace.
  • P1200115
    Primus beer. Endorsed by Les Claypool?
  • P1200118
    Where am I? This is not very African. Kigali is a different city...

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