Kisumu: Cheap Impact, Korando Education Center and Orphanage

  • P1210079
    Computer class room.
  • P1210080
    Crafted bags to be send overseas to generate income for the school.
  • P1220002
    The Korando Education Center.
  • P1220005
    Pigs raised to be sold for income to be contributed to the education center.
  • P1220009
    Kitchen, cooking on a fire at the school.
  • P1220010
    Nursery students.
  • P1220012
    An empty and hot classroom. The children had moved their desks outside and into the shade for the afternoon.
  • P1220013
    The shape of the new dormitory.
  • P1220014
    Construction. Trying to keep a schoolground of children out of here is a task in itself.
  • P1220016
    Natural hot water. The hose is wound in a circle inside of this glass.
  • P1220018
    Busy hands helping to clean sand.
  • P1220007
  • P1220022
    Mama Dolfin.

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