Kisumu: A Tow-Truckin’ Son-of-a-gun

  • P1210075
  • P1210076
  • P1210077
    A Bedford. A handsome thing!
  • P1210055
  • P1210056
  • P1210058
    Modified. The roof chopped of and the vehicle turned into a truck. See the back doors?
  • P1210059
    A project. Julius says he will have this on the road in two months. He paid $400 for the truck as is. Engine seized.
  • P1210061
    Hanging out in 'The Office.'
  • P1210062
    Tow-Truck gang, Kisumu chapter.
  • P1210065
    New friends. On the way to a job.
  • P1210070
    On the way to save the day, in the wrong lane of traffic.
  • P1210074
    Broke down on the road... Needing a tow...

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