Kinigi: Drunk Diaries…Reflections on a Day After Drinking Banana Beer

  • IMG_20160207_065819
    Yea, I know. Wow! I felt it too when I took this photo. It actually stopped me in my tracks...
  • P1200518
    Young workers!
  • 1200530
    Banana beer.
  • 1200531
    The little bar, and a herd of curious children peeking in at the white guy!
  • 1200536
    Banana Beer testing.
  • 1200539
    Sorghum beer.
  • 1200551
    Not everyone likes me. Look at those eyes on that child...
  • 1200567
    These boys followed me for about an hour, just to spend time. They asked me to sing for them and then returned the favor after.
  • 1200556
    'Hmmm, something seems suspect here.... I am not sure what I am not sure about yet, but I am sure not sure about something. Most likely your skin color foreign man...'
  • IMG_20160207_054202
    Hauling a read-end on a bicycle. The uses for bicycles amaze me in Africa....
  • P1200517
    Volcano Sabyinyo - In Rwandan, 'sabyinyo' means teeth!
  • P1200524
    Such a cool gate!
  • P1200525
    I asked my friends what it was as I was taking a photo. They laughed as they said, "Is toilet!"
  • P1200527
    These are the paths we were walking down as we headed to Kagano village.
  • P1200529
    The land is littered with lava rocks just like these from volcanic eruptions.
  • 1200534
    My friends, Theo and Jackson.
  • 1200542
    Ah, the taste of horse shit!
  • 1200543
    But, banana beer is delicious.
  • 1200546
    I am not sure why I am so red... Maybe the strange beer?
  • 1200549
    Sorghum drying int he sun.
  • 1200550
    Fidele's house.
  • 1200554
    Fidele's family.
  • 1200558
    This little boy, arriving from nowhere on stilts.
  • 1200560
    Little friends on the walk. The two bigger kids were out fetching water for the family.
  • 1200576
    Sorghum fields.
  • 1200563
    Between village footpaths.
  • 1200569
    That, is a cute kid!
  • 1200570
    Friends and followers.
  • 1200577
    This older man, preparing vegetables.
  • 1200580
    Kinigi art.
  • 1200583
    Kinigi football pitch. I appreciate the sheep on the sidelines here.

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2 Responses

  1. Gary Woods says:

    Stephen, I really enjoy your writings, especially the drunk diaries. You may me on to something with the banana beer as a creative writing juice. Anyways, great stuff, keep it coming.
    Gary Woods

    • harrishog1 says:

      Thanks Gary. Oh oh, that is dangerous telling me that my drunk writing was your favorite! 🙂
      Thanks for reading and following along. It is a crazy adventure out here. Nothing every runs in a straight line, but it always works out somehow. It drives you crazy sometimes, but then it turns out when you reflect on it that night or the next day, it was probably a better time not working out quite right…
      Thanks so much for the compliments Gary!

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