Kigali to Kibuye: Rwanda is Beautiful

  • 1200247
    This is Rwanda. Soldiers every 50 or 100 meters to keep the country safe.
  • 1200287
    Road construction workers.
  • 1200283
    A wedding?
  • 1200288
    Beautiful green and mountains...
  • IMG_20160201_185429
    My friend Jeanette. She sure would be an asset to any moving company looking for new employees.
  • 1200296
    Lake Kivu.
  • 1200301
    A Rwandan bottle opener. So easy and so smart...
  • 1200303
    Lake Kivu.
  • 1200307
    1960's relic. I would like to live in this thing.
  • 1200309
    This is the lake view from my guesthouse.
  • 1200313
    A grass monster?
  • 1200314
    Why would they lie...!
  • IMG_20160201_235553[1]
    The dark line is a superhighway of ants that ran for about 40 meters until I lost it in the grass. I saw something like this once before in South America, and now again in Africa. The dirt below them on their road is a groomed path from so many ants moving down it. Just think of the footwork it would take them to wear a 40 meter path through the grass, 40... I am not sure what they were moving, but there must be billions of them to form a line like this that does not stop crawling for that kind of distance. And how is something like this initially organized? Whatever the goal, it was a bit of a high risk operation because part of their highway crossed a dirt road that did not have much traffic on it, but when it did, there were hundreds of any casualties everytime. They sure are fascinating and busy little creatures. The ant does not get enough recognition for their hard work. For some reason, 'I worked as hard as an ant all day,' just does not have the right flow...

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