Kigali: African Nations Championship (CHAN).

  • 1200250
    Joseph and I.
  • 1200259
    Mischief with a waitress.
  • 1200253
    A girl who spent time with us during the night.
  • 1200271
    Final destination.
  • IMG-20160131-WA0012
    It was a fun night!
  • IMG-20160131-WA0010
    A Congolese fan.
  • 1200165
    Yeah! Tickets for the game! That was easy. $5 for two tickets at inflated double prices. Bargain!
  • 1200167
    Rwandan fans arriving at the game.
  • 1200168
    Amahoro Stadium. During the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, it was temporarily a "UN Protected Site" hosting to up to 12,000 mainly Tutsi refugees.
  • 1200169
    These people dress up proudly! It is awesome.
  • 1200173
    Fans in Amahoro Stadium on the top row.
  • 1200181
    Early arrival shade finders.
  • 1200186
    Yea, game time. That is a Congo flag hat I am wearing.
  • 1200189
    Sunbrellas and the colors of Rwanda.
  • 1200194
    This guy was one of my favorites. He even had spots painted on his body.
  • 1200199
    Fake fan having fun!
  • 1200206
    He had a lot to say.
  • 1200209
    A team of Spidermen Vs Rwanda.
  • 1200218
    Possible broken fingernail
  • 1200221
    Rwandan Fan!
  • 1200222
    Grumpy Rwandan fan.
  • 1200223
    Congo fan.
  • 1200224
    A mixmatch of Congolese people...
  • 1200226
    Congo flag. This man asked for a photo.
  • 1200230
  • 1200231
    Random Congolese man.
  • 1200233
    Oh the drama of falling down and acting hurt. A regular spectacle of embarrassment to the game that I find unbearable.
  • 1200241
    Democratic Republic of Congo player celebrating victory in front of their fan section.
  • 1200243
    Rwandans down and out. I was told that they get $1,000 each for every win by their president.
  • 1200245
    The guy in the middle doing a flip in celebration.

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