Kibuye to Gisenye: Motorcycling Rwanda

  • P1200380
    Locals busy travelling down the road.
  • P1200386
    These two guys look like bridge monuments.
  • P1200399
    Beautiful mountains and scenery.
  • P1200413
  • P1200417
    Biking and texting.
  • P1200419
  • P1200424
    Laundry time.
  • P1200426
    I love English attempts at spelling. It makes me smile.
  • P1200427
    Hospital supplies storage.
  • P1200429
  • P1200434
    Little hospital friends!
  • P1200413
    I like this little house on a flat that he has obviously created himself.
  • IMG-20160203-WA0000
  • IMG_20160204_225639
    ...That is the beer truck coming and these are the road conditions for about five hours. Best let those tasty beverages settle for a couple of days...
  • IMG_20160204_210239
    Hard working locals on the back trails of Rwanda.

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