Kibuye: Lightning Strikes

  • IMG_20160203_083342[1]
    Fish and colorful ladies at the Kibuyo market.
  • IMG_20160202_232341[1]
    Fish sales ladies. The colors are fantastic.
  • IMG_20160202_224704[1]
    This is Africa: The colors of the vibrant clothes, the handbag on the head, the umbrella for the sun, the head-wrap, the babies on the back
  • IMG_20160202_182138[1]
    Local fisherman.
  • IMG_20160202_164821[1]
    Locals waiting under a cactus tree for enough boat passengers to arrive so that they can catch their ride home
  • P1200318
    Not a photo of show color, but an important photo of Rwanda nonetheless. This is the Genocide Memorial in Kibuye.
  • P1200322
    The bush walk. I am not sure Philip was crazy about it, but I was having a great time.
  • P1200332
    Pretty colored bird.
  • P1200338
    The streetlights of Rwanda are the colors of their flag.
  • P1200343
    Motorcycle taxi men.
  • P1200347
    Dresses flash and style.
  • P1200355
    His wheels and pants...
  • P1200363
    Kibuye industry.
  • P1200367
    Lake Kivu from the guesthouse.
  • IMG_20160203_092448[1]
    The colors of the Kibuye market.

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