Kazungala: A Town Tied to Four Countries

  • P1220403
    This guy and I were in agreement that it was going to rain soon, so we were hurrying to find shelter in anticipation.
  • P1220383
    This is where you buy your insurance in Zambia, from some guy in a van in a parking lot. That would be pretty freaking suspicious in North America or Europe.
  • P1220384
    Arriving in Kazungula.
  • P1220393
    This is how it looks. You can see all three countries right in front of you. The Zimbabwe ferry lane on the left, Botswana straight ahead, and Namibia on the right.
  • P1220394
    Botswana and Namibia on the horizon.
  • P1220399
    Ferry to Namibia.
  • P1220401
    Broken down ferry to Zimbabwe.
  • P1220402
    A maze of trucks, mostly loaded with copper from the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.

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