Katesh to Karatu: Markets and Albino Limb Potion

  • P1180404
    A pretty little bird.
  • P1180356
    One bottom plough. You can buy one for $50. That seems to be a lot of craftsmanship for $50.
  • P1180358
    Tibe colors.
  • P1180361
    Paulo's police friend. He told me the stick is for keeping bad guys in line.
  • P1180363
    Katesh Market.
  • P1180365
    Bow and arrow set.
  • P1180367
    Goat section of the market.
  • P1180369
    I think these are termites, but no one could tell me for sure. It is like a reverse ant-hill.
  • P1180371
    Marbaig buying and selling cattle.
  • P1180373
    The donkey section.
  • P1180384
    More tribe colors. They wear these wrapped around their upper torso.
  • P1180387
    I like the colors of these pails.
  • P1180393
    Spear heads and knives.
  • P1180397
    I was trying to get a photo of the Barbaig ladies.
  • P1180401
    Bringing their livestock into town.

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