Kalangala, Ssese Islands: Performing Arts Recital

  • P1200003
    Traditional dance lessons at Bery's Place.
  • P1200038
    Many chefs at Bery's Place, creating delicious dinners.
  • P1200050
    The 21:30 half hour dance off.
  • P1200009
    Sselwanga Lwanga Secondary School. I like the cattle around the school.
  • P1200010
    School-desks from the 1950's or maybe earlier.
  • P1200013
    The school canteen. And a chicken hanging out in front.
  • P1200018
    I really enjoy the irony in that. I am not sure what this was actually about, but Uganda has tried to instill the death penalty for homosexual behavior.
  • P1200030
    ALFFA performing arts choir.
  • P1200034
    Recital jam.
  • P1200035
    Sound advice for about 40 years in accordance with sign conditions.

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