Kalangala, Buggala, Ssese Islands: Ugandan Wikipedia and Lake Victoria

  • P1190293
    An island brick-maker.
  • P1190294
    A beautiful driveway.
  • P1190296
    A village on Buggala Island.
  • P1190301
    Small shack restaurant.
  • P1190302
    The kitchen of the restaurant.
  • P1190304
    Fishing boat.
  • P1190305
    Net fishing. The bags are full of rocks to hold the bottom of the net down while the top is attached to floating jugs.
  • P1190309
    This is a bar. Really.
  • P1190312
    Inside the bar.
  • P1190313
    Village life.
  • P1190315
    Coffee drying in the sun.
  • P1190318
    Victoria Lake-front.
  • P1190345
  • P1190370

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