Johannesburg to Mbabane: Trying Witch-Doctor Potions

  • 1230085
    Driving through Johannesburg. The tailings from the mines on the horizon.
  • 1230086
    Garbage collection strikes sure are unpleasant to a city's image.
  • 1230089
    A lot of weird hanging from the roof.
  • 1230091
    Hides hanging.
  • 1230092
    I am not sure what we are looking at here...something from a garden though I think.
  • 1230093
  • 1230094
    Dead and drying bird.
  • 1230095
    Antlers to be ground up for potions.
  • 1230097
    I think we have an ostrich leg here, but I am no expert.
  • 1230099
    Traditional dancing shields and hides.
  • 1230101
    My shower concoction.
  • 1230103
    Johannesburg in front of Kwa Zulu Muti.
  • 1230104
    Mandela bridge.
  • 1230106
    The trains below Mandela bridge.
  • 1230112
    The 'Trash Surfers' of Johannesburg. They have taken on the role of earning an income by recycling waste and keeping the city clean. And they look cool with their trolleys as they move through the city conducting their business.
  • 1230113
    Wow, that is a pretty good try to be Coca-Cola.
  • 1230288
    My potion-containing vial.
  • IMG_20160326_210707

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