Johannesburg: Hanging out in Maboneng

  • P1230036
    A gun safe, to store your guns when you go into a casino in Johannesburg.
  • P1230038
    A trash strike recently happened in Johannesburg that the city is trying to sort out now.
  • P1230039
    Maboneng, a very hip area of the city!
  • P1230041
    Water, moving through the city and street art to pretty up the scene.
  • P1230043
    A nice and lazy Sunday hangout area.
  • P1230046
    A very cool day with friends.
  • P1230047
    Bohemia in Johannesburg.
  • P1230050
    Sugar monster!
  • P1230057
    Way-cool triangle Earth!
  • P1230075
    Freedom Fighters jazz.
  • P1230082
    Johannesburg sunset from Toby and Martiza's.

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