Hitchhiking Zambia: Kariba Dam to Livingstone

  • P1220298
    Hitchhiking a short drive to the Kariba dam.
  • P1220299
    The Kariba Dam project.
  • P1220300
    That is Zimbabwe on the other side of the 128 meter structure.
  • P1220301
    The river with Zambia on the left and Zimbabwe on the right.
  • P1220306
    Hydroelectric damming!
  • P1220308
    The paper and stamp I received in exchange for my passport so that I did not disappear into Zimbabwe.
  • P1220312
  • P1220313
  • P1220314
    This soldier friend, with his AK-47, smoking my pipe. So awesome!
  • P1220317
    Be careful with electricity! It got this guy bad. When I asked about it, his friend said, "He, he is half dead!"
  • P1220320
  • P1220323
    Razor-blade wire on the sides of the road to the Kariba Dam.
  • P1220327
    So great. I found this in a small store that a little old lady was running. She liked how much I liked her sign.
  • P1220329
    Am, 'A roof withough Harveytiles is like a country without police. There will be lawlessness.'? Without Harveytiles there will be lawlessness? Wow, those are very important then!
  • P1220330
    I love these trees.
  • P1220332
    A storm coming though. The separation of the clouds is amazing.
  • P1220334
    Zambian countryside and storm-clouds.
  • P1220345
    Karen's bling-bling.
  • P1220347
    The 7-11 Club.

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