Hitchhiking from Sossusvlei to Lüderitz

  • P1250598
    Gross. This was what the cash register told me instead of telling me how much change I was going to receive.
  • P1250600
    A Namibian tie-down = an ass.
  • P1250602
    A two-tone tree. Nature in Namibia loves two tones.
  • P1250605
    The landscape between Keetmanshoop and Lüderitz
  • P1250606
    The sandy highway between Aus and Lüderitz.
  • P1250607
    Lüderitz is a decidedly German town. Look at the buildings. Look at th eletters they use to spell Lüderitz.
  • P1250608
    Wow, in this day and age that is some serious love.
  • P1250610
    Lüderitz harbour.

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