Gisenyi: Spinning Tires

  • P1200444
    Lake Kivu sandy beach.
  • P1200446
    Locals enjoying the water.
  • P1200451
    I like the packaging. You know this was done by a grandmother.
  • P1200452
    Strange boats. When I tried to ask what the poles were for, all that anyone could tell me was 'Fishing'.
  • P1200457
    Ladies drying fish.
  • P1200459
    This guy probably got fired.
  • P1200461
    A tire, and the handle cut off a plastic container attached to a stick. I had him show me the way to make this work. I like his 'tongue-out' concentration. It took me three tried to make it work as the locals laughed and enjoyed my attempts to learn.
  • P1200463
    That is quite a saloon.
  • P1200467
    Whole Goat on the menu!

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