Gaborone to Maun: Being Botswana Homeless

  • 1230592-01
    Playing pool under tarps at the bus station in Gaborone.
  • 1230603
    The guy came on the bus selling biltong (southern African for beef jerky). The biltong came with a toothpick to clean your teeth after and a breath mint to freshen up. So smart, so great!
  • 1230607
    What a headline... Funny!
  • 1230620
    Sunset over the Kalahari Desert.
  • 1230625
    My first dung-beetle sighting. Look at him in comparison to my phone! He flew into a window beside me so hard that I was sure it was a bird.
  • 1230635
    My homeless resting spot in Ghanzi.
  • 1230636
    Sometimes you have to be homeless in Ghanzi for a night to get picked up by a party bus!
  • 1230638
    The sunrise. I do not think there have been many nights where I have photographed the sunset and the sunrise in the same day.
  • 1230646
    Her favorite.
  • 1230650
    My favorite.
  • IMG_20160406_070413
    My homeless resting spot in Ghanzi.

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  1. Daniel LaBlanc says:

    You just seem to have a good time no matter where you go…

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