Fort Portal to Butiaba: Cheats, Near Collisions, and Jerry Can Showers

  • P1200815
    Broken down on the road.
  • P1200817
    Brick makers working hard in an assembly line, making stacks.
  • P1200823
    Rear-axle gate posts.
  • P1200824
    Squeezed in a
  • P1200829
    Jerry can shower.
  • P1200832
    The sink at the Amooti Space Lodge and Restaurant.
  • P1200833
    My room at the Amooti Space Lodge and Restaurant.

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5 Responses

  1. Constance Zukoski says:

    Good storey!

  2. Pauline Elise says:

    Butiaba on the lake, so pretty. This is the only article I can find on the town.

  3. Rebecca Cazo says:

    Was in Fort Portal 15 years ago. Am glad you went!

  4. William Tap says:

    Whow! That bus ride sounded scary.

  5. Lorena Sky says:

    Oil can shower makes me laugh!