Fort Portal: Death Threats and Crater Lakes

  • P1200776
    The 'Death Threat' photo.
  • P1200778
    I found this on the counter in a restaurant. Not only is the sticker amazing, but someone actually took the time to make it to make this point...!
  • P1200780
    Fancy mosque!
  • P1200782
    Pushing our taxi.
  • P1200784
    $0.29 of danger.
  • P1200785
    A breakdown on the red-dirt road.
  • P1200787
    Black and White Monkeys. Check out that tail!
  • P1200799
    Monkey mamma and monkey baby.
  • P1200800
  • P1200805
    The have 'old-man' faces.
  • P1200811
    Monkeys treed!
  • P1200812
    Rival tribe...
  • P1200814
    Lake Nkuruba.

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