Fish River Canyon, a Club, a Bus

  • P1260164
  • P1260120
    Fish River Canyon as the sun was rising to adjust the colors.
  • P1260126
    Blue skies over Fish River Canyon.
  • P1260127
    When the baboons learn to read, these toilets are doomed!
  • P1260130
    The water lever of Fish River Canyon is low, but you sure can see the erosion timeline.
  • P1260134
    A gorgeous canyon.
  • P1260138
    The Fish River that snakes through the canyon.
  • P1260139
    Desolation, what Namibia will always feel like to me.
  • P1260143
    Natural hot springs extremely.
  • P1260144
    No one here at the Ai Ais hot springs.
  • P1260145
    No one here in the Ai Ais hot springs spa.
  • P1260149
    No pee please!
  • P1260150
    The very essence of a lousy traveller...transportable satellite dish set up at one of the most beautiful places on earth. This guy can't miss an episode re-run of Friends.
  • P1260157
    Ai Ais! That is 65⁰ of hot!
  • P1260158
    Heading out of the Fish River Canyon.
  • P1260160
    I am not sure, did the train break down or is this where the buses deliver passengers?
  • P1260162
    Hanging out at Aubrey's house.

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