Etosha National Park and Hoba Meteorite

  • P1250197
    The first animals I ran into once inside the gates of Etosha.
  • P1250208
  • P1250223
    Intimidating lionesses.
  • P1250229
    Shade! We need shade!
  • P1250236
    This wildebeest, coming and walking along in the presence of lions, a miscalculation on his part, but due to the heat, the left him be.
  • P1250255
    The oryx is a good looking animal.
  • P1250263
    I like how everyone is hanging out together as friends, though it looks in the photos like the zebras area rowdy gang of troublemakers here. In this photo you have four species if animals grazing together.
  • P1250274
    A carcass, with nothing picking at it? Peculiar!
  • P1250276
    Wildebeest pals.
  • P1250277
    Ostrich and springbok.
  • P1250284
    This birds nest, the biggest I have seen. It is actually a community or a city of birds. To reference the size, there is a bird on an branch just below it.
  • P1250289
    When I pulled up there were two of these ground-squirrels squared off, like a gunfight was about to take place!
  • P1250304
    This lion-tree just looks like a nice pussy cat that you might want to hug.
  • P1250317
    Kneeling giraffes, zebras, and springboks!
  • P1250323
    Strutting ostriches.
  • P1250325
    A herd of springboks.
  • P1250336
    A springbok/elephant party!
  • P1250346
    Lucky shot!
  • P1250354
    Yeah, I see you too big fella. And I will remember you too.
  • P1250357
    Etosha road and sky.
  • P1250359
    Etosha Pan.
  • P1250364
    A dangerous area...
  • P1250368
    The Hoba Meteorite, Earth's biggest.
  • P1250369
    People have been filing away at the meteorite to have a piece of it for themselves.
  • P1250195
    'Wake Up!' - There are 18 cops here to interrogate you!

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  1. Oh Boy says:

    You are an amazing human and I am so glad that you posted this! It is so wonderful to read your words of wisdom. I am an embarrassing traveler myself, ignorant of the world and I have a lousy opinion that no one really wants to ever read. But, I am impressed by your ability to stand up for yourself in such a pressure cooker of a situation and not be pushed around. You deserve a pat on the back!

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