Dar Es Salaam to Moshi: The Long Ride North

  • P1160341
    Dar Es Salaam bus station.
  • P1160344
    Look at those shoes. I am not sure if I want them or never want to see them again.
  • P1160348
    Touts and vendors outside of our bus as we pass through villages.
  • P1160350
    Red earth of Tanzania countryside.
  • P1160351
    I love the thatched roof houses...like a shaggy dog.
  • P1160353
    Real living in Tanzania.
  • P1160359
    Family hanging out.
  • P1160360
    A pile of dragon-fruit on the side of the road.
  • P1160362
    Hawkers, running as fast as they can beside the bus with stacks of grapefruit in the diesel smoke to sell to the passengers as the bus hurries through.
  • P1160363
    Tanzanian villages.
  • P1160367
    Mountain range and trees that look like they belong in Africa.
  • P1160376
    Village locals hanging out. The guy on the right seems to be formulating a curse on me...

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